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Page: #5.16
Page: #5.16 - 01/08/2018

Our heroes have a plan, but will they be able to escape Brookville?

Welcome to the end...of Issue 5.

Issue 6 is looking like it's going to be pretty long, and to help break up some of the downtime we've done a couple of things: The first is that we've gone and split Issue 6 into two parts! Our plan is to have Issue 6 Part I ready for the start of October, which is much better than waiting for a full release of an issue like we'd normally do.

We've also got a lot of really fun content planned for release during our break -- both from guest artists and from us. You'll definitely want to check back with us during our regular Wednesday update as we share some fantastic art and a couple more lore-building short stories we're confident you'll love.