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Page: #5.29 - Thundering Bear Cover, featuring Bettie Carcross
Page: #5.29 - Thundering Bear Cover, featuring Bettie Carcross - 24/10/2018

We reached out to get a bit of art help for our regular updates as we continue to chip away at Issue 6, and got a bit of help from an enthusiastic horror fan!

We're really blown away by her take on Thundering Bear's cover, with detective / ex-cop Jane amid some ominous local art. It's probably one of our favorite short stories we've written so far -- so give it a read if you haven't already!

If you're not already stalking this talented artist we recommend giving Bettie's work a follow! Her most recent project is updating via Patreon, but you can always find more of her art via the following links (we highly recommend clicking):

Bettie's badass Patreon
Fox on the Table
Her badass Twitter
Her totally sweet instagram