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Page: #5.3 - Featured Webcomic - Rising Sand
Page: #5.3 - Featured Webcomic - Rising Sand - 31/10/2018

Woah, this isn't Folklore, but it's something just as good.

We still have a couple of weeks leading up to the release of Issue 6 (Part 1) and instead of splitting our time on more creative projects we thought it would be nice to highlight some other comics we're huge fans of.

If you're not reading Rising Sand already you definitely should be. It's got a wild cast of characters, some incredibly heartfelt family dynamics -- everything you could possibly ask for in a regularly updating webcomic.

You could read Rising Sand for free BUT we recommend that instead of spoilering yourself you just go straight to their Kickstarter page and buy a book. Whether it's for yourself, or as a gift for this upcoming holiday season, we know you won't regret it. There's only a week left to go on their already funded campaign (which we are already totally supporting) so consider this your last call.

Go check out their Kicksterter via this handy link, and if you're already reading Rising Sand please put some hype in the comments so that everyone else can see how awesome this comic is!

Also, here's some cool social media you should be following for great art:

Rising Sand Twitter
Creator Jenn Lee's Twitter
Creator Ty Dunitz's Twitter