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Page: #6.0
Page: #6.0 - 04/01/2019

Hello, Quietus. It must be nice to finally stretch out and do your thing.

The cover of Issue 6 is complete -- but as we step into the new year we've decided to take full advantage of some additional resources that will help us update and redesign our website. Rather starting our rollout of Issue 6 while we fiddle with web updates, we're going to hold off until our changes are online and fully operational.

We're really sorry for the extra delay this puts on 6's release. We wanted to plan a way to keep a steady flow of content while we worked behind the scenes, and it hurts to move into 2019 knowing that we've failed that goal for our free readers. It's a decision we don't make lightly -- but it's one we think is best for Folklore, in terms of overall quality.

Our Patrons will have access to Issue 6 the moment it's complete, so if you're feeling a bit impatient you can always swing over to our Patreon and lend us a bit of support in exchange for our backlog of kinda neat stuff!

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding!

-Adam & Colin
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