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A short break...

- 16/08/2017

I thought this post was pretty important, so I decided to leave it here on the Home page where it can stand tall!

When I first started writing Folklore I know exactly the kind of story I wanted to tell. One where normal people would try to cope with the horror of living in a world without heroes, and where heroes had to face the consequences of their reckless heroism.

Colin and I started planning this world of monsters where ambiguous science creates a nightmare...then we hit a problem. How do we get a reader to care about a world that's already thrown into total chaos? You need to see it fall. You need to see people cope with that kind of societal collapse.

So we took a step back from the story we really, truly wanted to bite into, and created Folklore's first three issues. We've called it a lot of things during its creation. Prologue comes up the most. Officially we've shared three chapters of this story, but behind the scenes we've always considered this to be just beginning.

The introduction is behind us now. Folklore will be on a short break while we work on completing Issue 4, but we'll try and fill the coming weeks with a bit of art to keep you all amused.

Starting with Issue 4, the real story begins. Thanks for being a part of this journey!