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Folklore Vol 1 Pre-Order!

- 08/07/2017

Woah there! A new news post!?

Colin and I spend so much time worrying about what to post on Patreon and our mirror sites that we often forget about our tiny little news space here. But not today!

Today we're proud to announce the start of pre-orders for Vol 1 of Folklore -- which includes Issues 1-3 in full, condensed in a neat little print package.

It was always our goal to offer collections of Folklore with the closure of every story arc, and we're so proud and excited to reach this enormous milestone in our work.

If you've enjoyed reading Folklore as much as we've enjoyed creating it, maybe you'll want a small piece to own as well. This pre-order will be on till August 8, and you can reach it via the link below or our super handy pre-order button.

Thank you all for your support!