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SpiderForest Comic of the Week, a new short story, and more!

- 08/01/2018

We're a bit late on the New Years post, but have a Happy New Year anyway!

It's not often that we update this main page, and it's our goal to make a few more announcements here over the coming months to help better show off what's going on in Folklore's development. Patreon supporters know we update regularly there, but there's still plenty of stuff we can share with you here too.

We've got a few awesome announcements for today's post, first starting off with a brand new short story: Terror in the Dark.

I wanted to write a horror story about depression, without many of the usual tropes that accompany it. To me, that mostly meant no monsters that represent sadness. No tricks. Something honest.

The result was this one-shot. There's a lot happening in this little space. I'm not sure if we'll continue spending time with this group, but I think there may be more to tell here. Maybe you guys can let me know.

This time of year can be incredibly lonely for those who weren't able to spend time with family, or who will be entering 2018 perhaps feeling a uncertain of themselves.

You're definitely not alone. Reach out to family, friends, or anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Speaking from personal experience, it won't fix everything, but it will help. That's a start.

On a little more of an upbeat note, SpiderForest is showing off some of its incredible artists with a Comic of the Week spotlight. If you aren't already, you should definitely give these guys a look:

Sombulus by Christina Major- Sombulus is a world-hopping adventure about a curious tinkerer who talks to machines, a magical scavenger, and a zealous paladin. Together, they travel the Myriad Worlds, leaving each place a little more weird than the last!

Cosmic Fish by Eliana Falcon - Rejected and hunted down by the planetary guardians, Acantha and her monstrous kind have taken it upon themselves to solve the mystery of their origins and find their place in the universe they are forced to call home.

Castoff by Star Prichard - Vector always dreamed of traveling. He got kidnapped instead. Now, with the help of a short-tempered bounty hunter, a happy-go-lucky cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try to make it home in one piece.

Till next time!